CRM with Document Management or VDR?

In a world with numerical dependence, document management is of great value, the need to store data in a safe place, and on a durable owner, is of the first importance.

Document Management with VDR as the Best Way to Keep Your Data Safe

According to document management, virtual rooms are also safe and confidential virtual meeting rooms, where clientele, lawyers, accountants, and other competent professionals can view confidential documents. Any enterprise that is strictly concerned with conducting business operations also seeks to conduct effective trade communications in a secure manner, should pay attention to the concept of such a virtual room. What for? For, although the service is a swarming suburban cloud, virtual rooms of information devote an excellent primacy to security and privacy. This, of course, is an additional mood, with which the lion’s share of the world’s gangs functions.

Virtual data room as the best way in obtaining the necessary documentation:

  • obtaining production and specific industry licenses and certificates;
  • maintaining production and specific licenses obtaining permits related to the import of products (import of equipment, etc.);
  • obtaining permits for the export of products abroad (in particular, prototypes);
  • registration of a legal entity and other registration procedures.

Since any processes in society, including in document management, are associated with their information support, the solution to the security problem of an enterprise as an economic entity is inseparable from the solution of the information security problem. This is a handy tool that allows the user of the system to assign himself a deputy to perform tasks on his own behalf.

In addition, issues of information security and information protection are becoming increasingly important in connection with the widespread use of information technologies in almost all areas of knowledge, including in the development and use of automated systems (AS) for various purposes.

The Importance of Document Management in Modern Society

Providing remote access to electronic documents and their viewing in the format of applications or in external information systems (integration) with crm with document management is responsible for:

  1. Ensuring the confidentiality of documents, attributive and service information.
  2. Search for documents by criteria.
  3. Creation and maintenance of dictionaries and classifiers.
  4. Informing users about new arrivals and events with documentation.
  5. Formation of reporting (list of basic sets, application for the release of documentation, journal of receipts).
  6. Formation of applications for the release/printing of documentation.
  7. Logging of users’ work.
  8. Formation and management of electronic versions of documents for objects using the export/import mechanism.
  9. Planning receipts and accounting for the issuance of documents.

All processes in society, including in business, are inextricably linked with their information support, the role of which has become decisive in our days. Therefore, solving the security problem of both individual enterprises and the country as a whole is inseparable from the key task – solving the information security problem.

In the modern conditions of the country’s development, which are characterized by the transition to market relations, the emergence of various forms of ownership, the expansion of scientific, technical, and trade and economic cooperation between various enterprises, the issues of assessing new emerging sources of threats to the security of commercial information are of current importance. Currently, in a market economy, information is the most valuable commodity, subject to the laws of commodity-money relations. Unlawful seizure of other people’s information resources is a more dangerous form of unfair competition, often capable of causing irreparable damage to an enterprise and even leading to its bankruptcy.